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Psychology optional for UPSC is one of the optional subjects offered by the UPSC for the civil services mains examination. The tricky thing about psychology is that it is considered to be a natural science, a social science and also…

Sociology for UPSC – To the Point

Hello Friends. Here I’m sharing my learnings about the Optional Subject in UPSC – Sociology. Firstly, I share details about me before we proceed with the strategy. Educational Background: Electronics and Communication Engineer from GGSIPU, Delhi Work Experience: 2 years…

One Year Strategy For UPSC Examination

In this article, we give you a model one year study plan for IAS test. In opposition to what many think, it is conceivable to split the UPSC IAS test with one year of arrangement. In this way, if your inquiry is "Would I be able to clear IAS in 1 year?" and in the event that you also are interested to know "How to get ready for IAS in a single year?” read on. This article gives a strong system for IAS planning in one year.

UPSC 2023 Strategy for Beginners Prelims & Mains

upsc 2021 strategy by Be EggHead Academy
If your mind is continuously getting filled up with the questions like Best UPSC civil services examination strategy for beginners? Cracking UPSC Prelims in 30 days? UPSC Prelims cracking tips? Mains writing skills? IAS schedule of toppers? UPSC prelims tips and tricks? And so on……..then in this article, you can read about a general IAS study plan for beginners – ideally, fresh college graduates who are not working and are fulltime preparing for the exam.