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A magical series to beautify you….from Someshwar Gurumath.

BEAUTY – What does it Signify?

A combination of characteristics, which include form, shade, or shape, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight is known as a common definition of Beauty for all. When we arise inside the morning, before we flow out of the residence we look at the mirror. We all ask to it “mirror reflect am I stunning enough?”. After getting the easing solution from it we move out. But clearly is usually splendour lies within the eyes of others than our self? If a person says “this dress might genuinely fit you plenty, We go for it while shopping the get dressed”( Most of the instances either we go along with our dad and mom or with our buddies to buy the clothes). Have we ever puzzled overselves that whether we appearance lovely while we wore that first get dressed? Ya we asked, however we doubted ourselves more than believing.

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BEAUTY and Its Meaning

As Confusious says “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”, we all are born to experince the beauty however very rarely we discover it. There are so many human beings round the arena those who move on the lookout for it, but in most of their case by the time they would observed it might be too late.! Even Khalil Gibran says “ Beauty isn’t always in the face; beauty is a light within the heart. Is splendor is illumination of our soul? No by no means. If it became illumination it’d be limited to my personal boundry, but it is endless, there may be no border for it. As Khalil says a giant form of light within the heart of man, which can be observed simplest through himself is a splendor. If few suppose that external look itself is a beauty, I can name them as the people who stay with illumination.

For such type of human beings Swami Vivekananda answers like this “ I am not Handsome, but I can give hand to someone who certainly requries it.!

Swami Vivekananda

My very last phrases about Beauty is that, its such an wonderful experience which turned into there before me and you, to be able to be there after me and you, and which doesn’t have an stop for its adventure. You may also ask then ‘Where it lies’? The handiest answer that I can assuredly give to you is that it continually lies inside you. Beauty begins the instant making a decision to be yourself!. Always suppose that I am the most Beautiful character, because this is the best motive why you’re here to enjoy it for your personal manner called Life. Life itself is so lovely that it has blessed you, and made you to be part of its adventure in your name. Own it completely, admire it, like it, live it, lead it closer to the beauty that you choice to assume and create. It usually articulates you, to signify youself as an emblem ambassador of Beauty……Am I right? As always I am!…

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