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INTRODUCTION TO GEOLOGY | Basic concepts Of Geology | UPSC Geology Optional

In this Introductory video I have explained the meaning, scope and branches of Geology. There are a lot of Geology students present around us. Students looking for accurate resources, study material and strategies to study Geology. In these videos I have tried to cover all the basic concepts of Geology for UPSC Geology Optional and Geology concepts for beginners.

The students studying for IFoS, Geology Optional, Graduation from Geology or Post Graduation from Geology will these Geology lectures important. I have tried to cover all the basic concepts and syllabus of Geology through these Geology lectures. For Geology optional for UPSC, there is not much resources available in the market. Through these lectures I’ll try to cover all the topics and syllabus under Geology. Even the beginners in Geology can easily understand the basic concepts explained.

In these Geology lectures I have covered all the important Geology topics in detail. All the major branches of Geology and the topics have been covered. I’ll try to teach the concepts of Geology from UPSC Mains Optional point of view. I’ll also take up some Geology answer writing lectures. Geology is the science that deals with understanding the physical history of the earth, the changes that the earth has undergone, and the rocks that make up the earth. We will also discuss about the books and study material for Geology.

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