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IAS Interview And How to Clear it in 2022

General Overview

IAS interview is a 30 minutes exercise and carries 275 marks out of the total 2025. A high score in UPSC interview can create a massive difference. This interview is not a test of knowledge per se but your intrinsic personality. Being the last round, this would give one, an invincible lead in India’s most challenging competition – UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE).

IAS Interview Details

11 Preparation Tips for IAS interview

  1. Never stop preparing
    Don’t wait for the mains result (last minute) to start preparing for the IAS interview. The more the better. Start off early.
  2. Check your routine
    While you are preparing, make sure to eat healthy as it highly necessary for you to stay fit to grasp more. Incorporate a balanced diet and avoid junk and oily food. Furthermore, apart from foods, developing a certain level of concentration is advantageous. Meditate daily before starting with your routine.
  3. Be acquainted with you Bio-Data
    The greater part of the UPSC interview questions will be founded on bio-data of the aspirant. The Detailed Application Form (DAF) or bio-data form should be thoroughly read and prepared well for questions from areas like hobbies, education, work experience etc. It is extremely important to handle your personal questions with exactness.
  4. Stay calm
    Questions in the IAS interview are formed from a broad range subjects. You are likely to not know all and that is FINE. Although, if such situation comes up, don’t lose your cool. Have a positive outlook by acknowledging your lack of knowledge on the particular topic.
  5. Practice on your hobbies well
    All the time, this is the principal question UPSC interviewers care about to know the aspirant’s personality. Ensure you know yourself well. Try not to offer usual responses. Keep up with your hobbies till the last day. Understand, it is your hobby, which means it is something you’d do with utmost passion and willingness.
  6. Have in-depth command on optional subject
    Board members are quite fond of this territory. Brush up recent happenings related to your optional subject. Also, have knowledge about your state and district. Undoubtedly they like to question you about your native land and its prominent features. So gather information about everything related to you.
  7. Be mentally alert
    Some questions just require your common sense. Nervousness may hinder your thinking. Keep yourself relaxed and careful. Give yourself ample night’s sleep the day before exam. It will keep you refreshed and present minded.
  8. Keep Reading Newspapers
    Keep yourself acquainted with the current affairs on any given day and not just till the UPSC main exam. Newspapers are best source to get highlights on almost every significant topic. It is well advised to have a general idea on major activities in the previous one year.
  9. Improve communication skills
    Have to the point communication. Learn to formulate a crisp reply. Your perspective should be unbiased. In case you have a firm viewpoint regarding certain matter, be ready with your reasonable explanation. Note that the integrity should not be put at stake while you answer.
  10. Have a positive body language
    Allen Ruddock truly said, “Your body communicates as well as your mouth. Don’t contradict yourself.” Therefore have an optimistic demeanor. Keep your back straight and comfortable to the wall of the chair. Make sure to sit trustfully without making unnecessary movement.
  11. Take mock interviews
    Last but not the least, it is best to rehearse as much as you can before the final IAS interview. Also watch previous interviews and carefully analyze the questions asked. Also try to seek assistance or a feedback from some mentor during those mocks.

Interview Dress Code

Keep it simple. For men, a light shaded shirt and dark pants should give a proficient look. A basic churidar or saree is suggested for women. Whatever you wear, feel confident.

Important documents for IAS Interview

1.Matriculation Certificate or equivalent (proof of Date of Birth)Original and Self-Attested Photocopy
2.Degree Certificate / Provision Degree Certificate or Mark sheetOriginal and Self-Attested Photocopy
3.Passport-size photographs2-Copies, 1 Self-Attested Copy
4.e-Summon LetterPrint Out
5.Filled QuestionnaireA 7-page questionnaire containing questions related to a candidate’s background, personal motivations and other interview-related questions
Important documents for IAS Interview
Additional Documents (If Applicable)
Important documents for IAS Interview
1.Caste / Tribal Certificate (SC/ST candidates only)Original and Photocopy
2.Physical Disabilities Certificate /  DWE Certificate for PH-1 (LDCP)Original and Photocopy
3.Postgraduate Degree / Higher Education Certificates and Mark sheetsOriginal and Photocopy
4.Certificates in Support of Age RelaxationOriginal and Photocopy
5.TA Form (Outstation candidates only)Two Copies and Proof of Journey
6.AffidavitRequired for candidates with minor discrepancies in their name
Important documents for IAS Interview

Do’s and Don’ts


UPSC interview in most cases is a friendly exercise. Just be yourself and stay confident in the entire process. The UPSC Civil Services Interview can be thought to be one of the most stressful processes. However, it is also a golden opportunity to interact with some highly-experienced and knowledgeable people. True intentions and efforts pay back sooner or later. All the Best!

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

Albert Einstein

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