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MPPSC and UPSC preparation together

How to prepare for MPPSC and UPSC simultaneously?

MPPSC State Service Exam is directed for enrolment to different posts in government divisions. Also in workplaces of the province of Madhya Pradesh. This test is directed in three phases to be specific the MPPSC prelims, Mains and Interview. Following the UPSC exam pattern competitors who clear the prelims can show up for the MPPSC Mains examination. The quantity of competitors in Mains exam is more than the quantity of accessible openings. Anyway the best MPPSC aspirants to clear Mains exam and interview get admission to different posts in individual government office.

What is UPSC examination?

UPSC examination is as one of the most vital serious exams in India among its alumni youth. In UPSC any graduate whether it is Arts, Engineering, Science and Management etc, can equally appear in UPSC. UPSC competitors from renowned IIT’s or IIM’s will have an equivalent possibility of crack the UPSC examination. It is as esteemed as MBBS or CJ test. The UPSC examination gives equivalent chance to all, to arrive at the pinnacle of the Indian managerial framework.

Youthful alumni who need to demonstrate themselves. Who need to be a piece of the Government hardware from a genuine perspective need to crack the UPSC examination. Otherwise called Civil Services test before the autonomy of India UPSC assessment is led by a focal body. For example Union Public Service Commission each year in the long stretch of May. It choose around 400 contender to serve on the first class positions in the Central Government.

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Preparing for UPSC and MPPSC examination

Tthe most important thing is to study the core subjects which are common in MPPSC and UPSC examination i.e. History, Geography, Polity and Economy. You should know that UPSC examination needs practical, application and concept base study of the syllabus. And on the other hand MPPSC needs a factual understanding of the syllabus. There is no need to dig much deeper into the concepts like UPSC examination. For these examination preparation simultaneously, focus on the guidelines and pattern of UPSC examination. Every one knows that UPSC if has a more vast syllabus than MPPSC. Say it as UPSC be the superset whereas MPPSC is the subset. So concentrate more on the concepts, because if once these basic concepts and issues are clear nothing is much difficult.

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How UPSC is different from MPPSC?

When you prepare for UPSC examination, most of the MPPSC syllabus if gets covered. If more or less something is left if then you can of course give some extra time to those topics. Keep one thing in mind that the UPSC syllabus can cover a lot from the MPPSC syllabus. But if the opposite is not true.

The syllabus of bith exams are different when you consider the regional knowledge i.e. general knowledge of Madhya Pradesh. Just look at the pattern of questions asked in MPPSC and UPSC examination. Compare them and try to build your own conclusion. Because it is only you who knows your abilities and weaknesses the most.

Understand how to study for both State PCS Exam and UPSC IAS Exam simultaneously in the right direction.

Many candidates appearing for the UPSC examination sometimes also want to appear for other state services examinations, like MPPSC exam. There are students preparing for MPPSC want to appear for UPSC examination. The students appearing for both the MPPSC and UPSC examination often find themselves in a dilemma. Regarding the correct planning, resources. Strategy and schedule to follow for the preparation. We know that the syllabus for both MPPSC and UPSC examination is so colossal. And there exists a time limit for all the aspirants to prepare for the Civil Services examination. Hence it becomes important that effective strategy should be adopted for the preparation simultaneously.

An approach less preparation for both MPPSC and UPSC will not give proper results. Hence here I have provided few important tips to guide the MPPSC and UPSC aspirants. An efficient strategy for the preparation of MPPSC and UPSC examination simultaneously.

Some Important points:

• The aspirants should do thorough study and comparison of the syllabus for both examination. And this proper comparison you should do for both the prelims and Mains.

• Many topics are common between the two. Thus, candidates should first finish studying whatever is common between the syllabuses of both exams.

• Aspirants should have a look at the previous year questions papers of MPPSC and UPSC examinations. Analyze their preparation in the various pattern of questions in both examinations.

• Now, the aspirants need to study what are the different topics between the MPPSC and UPSC examination’s syllabus. This different area of preparation is actually the General Knowledge of Madhya Pradesh for MPPSC examination. But, you should give a priority to that exam whose date of exam is earlier.

• Note it that CSAT is a qualifying paper for UPSC examination. In MPPSC the aptitude test is a part of Merit Calculation. Hence, the students should solve and go through CSAT in a routine. Give a fixed time every day for the CSAT preparation depending upon your level of preparation for the Aptitude test.

• MPPSC examination needs the knowledge of Hindi in both prelims and mains examination. Aspirants need to study these regional languages separately.

• Current Affairs are to be studied for both the examination. So prepare the notes in a consolidated manner. And write those topics separately which are relevant form both MPPSC and UPSC examination.

• The aspirants go through a separate newspaper of Madhya Pradesh to cover the current affairs for examination.

All the best!!

It is important that the aspirants create their own schedule and plans. The aspirants can set their monthly targets and goals to fulfill and complete their syllabus for both examination.

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