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UPSC Geology Optional Notes Pdf

geology optional notes for upsc by beegghead academy

UPSC Geology Optional Notes Pdf. Geology is one of the optional subjects offered by the UPSC in the IAS mains exam. Though not a popular subject, it is considered a highly scoring one. Geology is especially beneficial for candidates taking both the civil services and the forest services (IFS) examinations. In this article, you can read all about the geology optional for UPSC IAS exam – how to prepare, answer writing in geology, strategy and tips to score high marks, booklist to follow and more.

S. NO.Topic NameDownload
1.Mechanical Structures Sedimentary RockDownload Class notes: Mechanical Structures Sedimentary Rock
2.PALAEONTOLOGY (Introduction) PALAEONTOLOGY (Introduction) | UPSC Geology Optional Pdf
3.CRYSTALLOGRAPHY (Introduction) CRYSTALLOGRAPHY (Introduction) | UPSC Geology Optional Pdf
4.Palaeonotology (Cephalopoda – Shell forms) Palaeonotology (Cephalopoda) UPSC Geology Optional Notes
5.Rajasthan ACF Geology Unit I test series (ENGLISH and HINDI)Rajasthan ACF Geology Unit I test series (ENGLISH and HINDI)
6.Rajasthan ACF Geology Unit 2 Test Series (In English & Hindi)Rajasthan ACF Geology Unit 2 Test Series (Both in English & Hindi)
Geology Optional Notes For UPSC CSE & IFoS
INTRODUCTION TO GEOLOGY | Basic concepts of Geology 

Geology UPSC Mains Optional, IFoS, GSI And Other Exams

Geology Optional Free Pdf Download | Geology Study Material UPSC – Download Latest And Updated Study Material For Mains Exam . Here We Are Sharing Geology Optional Notes Of IFOS Topper Which He Has Shared With Us . You Will Get Compilation Of All Notes From Link Given Below . You Can Download All Files From Link Given Below . Notes Of Both Paper 1 And Paper 2 Are Provided Below .  

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